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Friday, 20 January 2006
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“Aye” said Sir Niles Beaupain, “yet there is activity with each farm and notice how they are laid out in a square.” See there is a singular column of smoke from the 3rd and 6th farm See how they have not cut down the tall grasses even.”

It was Jacques turn. “Yet the center between the farms is barren ground” He turned to Richard the Strong, “No, these are no farmers.”

Richard the Strong whispered that it was more fort than farm and the others agreed. He went on to suggest that the tall grasses hid defensive stakes and before anyone could notice, Sir Niles had disappeared.

He returned that late afternoon, begrimed and stinking. “I found six pigs in the field of tall grass and followed them where I found entrenchments and defensive stakes.”

Sir Richard asked “How come you to this foul estate?” and the response sent all three into bouts of suppressed laughter. “Try following six hungry pigs whilst on thy belly, tis a messy business.”

As Sir Niles cleaned his clothing and then bathed in the cold waters of the river to rid himself of the filth, the other knights arrived having followed the signs left by Jacques de Rochefort.

All had found farms in full operation and the peasants happy to see the strangers riding across the prairie. As each visitor was singular to each farm, no alarum was made.

“Methinks we make our presence known and ask questions”, said de Rochfort. “Good, said Sir Beaupain, “I do not enjoy a cold camp in early spring. “Cold camp?” answered Richard the Strong shaking his head, “ I made three fires before cock crow and let them smolder and burn low. We have 8 pounds of potatoes buried in the embers and rashers of dried meat to eat and cold water besides.”

“Were thee a woman”, said Sir Beaupain, “I would kiss thee on thy scruffy cheek.”

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