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Monday, 16 January 2006
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Morning of Mourning
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 A voice so faint as scarcely heard from those not close to the bed whispered   “If it please you, my daughter.”

 Cobina turned to face her father and she advanced to his side.   He was wet with perspirationt, his eyes rimmed with detris of dust and sweat.   His mouth slightly open.

 His eyes moved under closed lids.   Cobina said nothing but took a cloth and wet it, gently wiping his eyes and when they opened they were the deepest green she had ever seen.   If he smiled it was with his eyes only.  She wet a towel and put it between his lips where he sucked out the cold water.  She was smiling.

 Sister Magdalena announced he was awake, and that no one was to approache unless he asked for them.  He acknowledged his wife and other daughter and stayed awake for near 90 minutes.

 Ignoring instructions not to speak, he gave orders to his steward, sheriff and seneschal that his plans were to be carried out.  He spoke lovingly to his wife and daughters, to the Sister and Mother Magdalena and to Lady Gandolfyn who  could not bring herself to look into his eyes.

 “I failed thee m’lord.”  She was crying greatly, without sobs or wails.  “I failed thee whom I love more than any human  My own mind did not hear thy cries for help.”

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