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Tuesday, 03 January 2006
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The Best Laid Plans of Rats and Men
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The deformed rat sat perched on his sighting seat, yeas of exposure to warp stone had had an adverse effect on both his mind and body. Screaming at the slaves hauling the deadly warplightning cannon upon which he was mounted to move the warplock engineer nervously chewed the patch of bare skin on his paw that had worn off many years ago from his nervous habit.

“Not long now no not long (sknikt, sknikt) soon, soon” the insane engineer crooned to his deadly machine.

Startled by a loud rush of wind the engineer jumped out of his seat in fright as a large piece of man building crashed into the earth a little to the left of his weapon.

Screaming in rage the engineer righted himself and slammed the firing mechanism into gear, despite the fact that it wasn’t fully charged. The machine began to hum as the deadly green charge began to build around the cannon’s mouth, small forks of green lighting lancing off and burning the slaves directing it. With a cry the engineer flipped the switch and the deadly green beam of pure energy leapt towards the units of men with the shiny sword leading them.


The Jezzail team now decimated to half strength gazed upon the bodies of their fellow team members, each one suspecting that the grey seer had planned for this to happen. Disregarding the bodies the rats once again began to pick targets in the units of charging knights far below them.

Far above in the sky the unit of Pegasus knights began to circle like vultures above the Jezzail team.

Diving into a charge the pegasi folded their wings back along their bodies for maximum speed. Tearing down upon their targets the startled Jezzail team hastily tried to fire upon the diving creatures but found their guns jammed by some strange magiks as the banner in the hands of the lead rider began to glow gold.

The green arc of power tore down the ragged slope towards the duke’s unit, with no time to avert his course the duke took the brunt of the surge head on. Still charging down the hill the general was surprised by the fact that only his hair had been burned off. But without further time to consider his incredible luck the general’s unit smashed into the row of spears in front of them. The first rank of rats was swept under the hooves of the mighty war chargers even as the knights began to plunge their lances into the chests of the second rank of Skaven.

Further along the field the knights of the quest punched a gaping hole in the Skaven battle line, only to be followed a short time later by the impetuous knights errant who had begun to chase down the now fleeing mass.

The Jezzail team screamed in anguish as their flimsy wooden shields were crushed beneath the hooves of the frenzied pegasi, and their thin leather armour was penetrated by cruel steel lance tips.

Sensing the folly of remaining in the proximity of such danger, the greyseer who had recently been standing behind a rock to the right of the crushed Jezzails, disappeared with a loud pop and the acrid smell of sulfur.

Further down the back line of the Skavens’ quickly fleeing battle front the warplock engineer and his crew mobilized the great weapon and fled into the dark woods into which so many other ratmen were fleeing.

“My Lord we must pursue them their getting away!” protested the unit commander of the knights errant, as the last of the Skaven troops fled into the forest.

“Fear not young Caelem, I have the feeling that these rats will get the sticky ends that they deserve, worry not for these are the out skirts of Athel Loren!”
laughed the duke.

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