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Thursday, 22 December 2005
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When one's life has been spent as father, friend and defender of the Realm, one thinks to live forever.

Behold the Pale Rider approaches

Now the Marquis, following his return from the Storm of Chaos, had allowed that all fields within his domain be plowed under. That the livestock, including horses and mules, be allowed to graze upon the pastured lands. It was done and many peasants thought the Marquis had slipped into madness. Throughout the spring and summer the grasses grew to be eaten back by hungry cow and bull, sheep and goat, horse and mule. Clover grew where grains and vegetables had flourished

When a pasture was so consumed the animals were herded into a second pasture and the process repeated. The orchards were allowed to grow and be harvested as were the vineries d’Ascoyne and the vintners produced some good wines that year.

In late summer he ordered the cleansing of the warehouses at the Sentinel and each of the three villages of the Tract and it was made so. He then spent much of his treasury on grains and dried and salted meats for the warehouses, plus bodkin arrows from Quenelles and L’Anguille and Gisoreux; leather jerkins from Artois and Aquitaine and the rumor was seeded that the Marquis was preparing for war.

Which was true, but nothing in the near future. The losses incurred from the Storm of Chaos were staggering, but he had the resources to attend to the loss. He had ordered spears and lances from Parravon and also Brionne, In truth each Duchy received supply requests from the Marquis and he paid top dollar for quality products.

In this way he bore the kingdom’s loss by striking trade deals and his gold supplemented the treasuries of many friends and acquaintances’. He was in the counting chamber with his treasurer.

“You are down by 60%, M’Lord Marquis” announced the aptly named Gerard Miser, his treasurer. He was serious.

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