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Sunday, 18 December 2005
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He now sported a beard and noticed there was no extra weight on his frame. During his 20th week at the Sentinel his father arrived and walked right past his son without recognition which prompted the Marquis to laugh out loud.

Upon a well phrased introduction Etien embraced his son and Jacques was allowed the rest of the day to spend with his father. That night, over a marvelous dinner [Mrs. Muggins cooked three of the lad’s favorite foods] the Marquis unfurled his plans. “Young Jacques de Rochfort, having trained long and hard to finesse his skills and speed and knowledge, will become the Paragon of the Questors when they arrive next week” Young Jacques was awestruck by the appellation. His father was so happy he seemed to burst with pride, “He has earned that title by training with Sir Parcifal and De Maupassant, the Carcassone Angel. It was they who had awarded him the honor

He went to bed at 8 of the clock. Try as he would young de Rochfort could not find sleep easily. His riding of the d’Ascoyne Whirlwind had increased his senses, his skills and other qualities. He rolled out of his bed and knelt in prayer to the Lady.

Suddenly he began yawning. He continued his prayers. A feeling of fatigue cloaked him like a thick blanket, but he continued his prayers. He stood up completing his prayers and then fell face forward onto his cot asleep

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