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Sunday, 18 December 2005
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Jacques noticed the Marquis said captured and not failed, They came to a large oaken double door and when it was opened they were in the Great Hall. Seated at a table was another knight, a Paladin.

“Hellooo, old friend”, shouted the Marquis as ther Paladin stood up. Jacques de Rochfort recognized the warrior. He bowed

Gui de Maupassant returned the gesture and with a gleam in his eye announced to young de Rochfort had he ever heard of the Carcassone Spider.. The young knight could not. De Maupassant laughed in a way that made de Rochfort quite uncomfortable. “We begin on the morrow after breakfast, training with the Carcassonne Spider for three hours and then Studying with Sister Rowena as to Court Etiquette and some cooking lessons, then over to Parcifal and back to me for 2 more hours of training with the Spider.”

“I am gleeful in anticipation.” Said the young knight in a monotone which prompted both senior knights to smile and look very happy.

Now the Carcassone spider was a device whereby he would gain strength and speed in combat. It consisted of a series of lightly weighted gauntlets worn at the wrist, elbow, shoulder, back, hips and knees. Affixed to ropes and gears and pulleys, all well oiled and near silent which added resistance to his combat moves. Surprisingly, he found it comfortable and without cumbersome entanglements. . By the end of his tenth week he was faster, more accurate and able to make decisions more quickly.

For Parsifal and de Maupassant had trained him well and good, not only in moves, but in the philosophy of combat. To be focused on the entire combat and to defend from any quarter should thy adversary gain reinforcements. The studying was equally telling for he learned the fighting styles of Beastmen and Undead and Skaven and Estalians and Lizardmen. Every three days of training and a new technique was learned Even Empirical warriors were studied at length and so were Bretonnians. Bretonnians? Yes, Bretonnians for the Marquis had learned that there were traitors to the Lady of the Lake in her very Lands.

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