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Sunday, 18 December 2005
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How to forge good steel
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He rose and faced the empty suit of armor. He gave a ceremonial challenge in earnest and brought the weapon up, charged in and made two strong attacks with little result. He brought up to attack anew when the Marquis commanded him to stop. It was the power in his voice that stopped his attack. He looked at the Marquis who walked over to the suit of mundane armor, pulled six nails out from the metal surface and the armor fell away in two halves.

“The weapon was in a shipment of silks from Cathay. Many years ago. Those mysterios folk fold their steel over and over again to gain a toughness and the ability to hold a cutting edge for near a lifetime. The handle is Ivory, the Jeweled orb in the butt an emerald of some worth from Lustria.”

“I do not deserve such a great thing-“

“Nonsense. Of course you do. Parcifal tells me you have advanced years in training and knowledge. This sword is NOT a reward for I will send you into my domaine and beyond to perform deeds of honor and ye need something to ransom yourself should ye be captured.”

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