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Sunday, 18 December 2005
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How to forge good steel
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What sets thy weapon apart from the mundane is the blade. Most heavy weapons are brutal crushing devices, capable of crushing through armor and flesh and bone.”

Young de Rochfort studied the blade. “This is thin and the sword light enough to be held with one hand” The Marquis raised his hand with a singular cautionary finger pointing to the ceiling. “Never make that mistake, young de Rochfort. That weapon is to be held as any other great weapon, with both hands, used with both hands,”

As they walked along a suit of armor was placed in the middle of the hallway, It was commonstock metal, crafted well and hung on a large wooden rack. The Marquis gestured to the armor. I want to make a point to thee which is trust in me and my staff, we will not lead you astray. Neither would we abuse you for base pleasures. My only criticism is thy youth. Frankly speaking you will be here for some time possibly as long as a decade. Or two. “

“Milord d’Ascoyne, I know my youth and my accomplishment caused a stir when I approached you at the Tourney, but my devotion to the Lady of the Lake is real. I know I have pride and other qualities I must rid myself and with thy guidance and that of Parcifal I shall attain humility, strength of arms and hopefully the Grail.”

Looking into those deep colored eyes softened the Marquis. The young man was not lying, “Rise good Jacques de Rochfort and strike down thy hollow enemy as you would in combat.”

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