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Sunday, 18 December 2005
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“A puzzlement” said de Rochfort. Hiding his anger quite well, thought the Marquis. He was led to the Lathering place and from their to the baths where he soaked for 40 minutes and then out of that, through the rinsing sprays, onto a table where he was rubbed down. His anger assuaged by this wonderful treatment, Jacques de Rochfort began to think of the Marquis in kinder and gentler terms. His affable jailor appeared behind a tall screen.

“It seems we have Five candidates, all Questors, coming to spend time at the Sentinel. They are older than you, one is nearing 40. The have quested much longer than you and their speed and skills and stamina would surpass you I want you to be better than they.” He spoke from the front of a screen as de Rochfort dressed. You came here weighing 14 stone, now you weigh between 11 and 12 stone.

All muscle and sinew and speed and stamina.” Now clothed, de Rochfort emerged from behind the screen and they walked down a long hallway, stooping in front of a mounted great weapon far up the wall out of reach.

“Get thy weapon Sir Knight” said the Marquis casually. De Rochfort immediately jumped from the floor and only ended standing atop the long chest below the weapon.. He did not attain the weapon, but noted he had jumped a meter and a half straight up. He hopped down without effect and paced off 15 paces. He turned, ran to the chest and sprang to the top continuing with another leap up from the chest top. His momentum carried him well for when he landed on the floor, the Great weapon was in his hands.

He studied the weapon closely and it was as fine a weapon as he had ever held. “This is my own?” and the Marquis nodded, but there was nothing laughing in his eyes, “Tis a simple hand and a half sword”, he said as they continued their walk down the long hallway. He informed the young knight that now he would train en restraint and de Rochfort soon found what that meant.

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