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Sunday, 18 December 2005
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How to forge good steel
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Each morning after completing his running, he would walk off the pain in his body, thanking the Lady for delivering him into the hands of so good a man as the Marquis d’Ascoyne. Of Course he added, it was better than being delivered into the hands of a Sadistic Lichmeister, naked and weaponless, but the difference was scant.

By early February and the middle of Winter in the Carcassone, .young Rochfort was nearing completion of his fourth month when Parsifal took him before the Marquis d’Ascoyne following a morning of exhaustive running. Parcifal had a pleased look upon his face and after presenting the new knight, thumped him on the back turned and left. They meeting took place outside the Bath House and Jacques noted the Marquis grinning.

“I have some answers for you, good knight.” And they entered the Bath House together.

The difference in temperature was alarming as the heat from the Baths sapped some of his remaining strength. He was ordered to remove his armor and weaponry. The Marquis advised him what would follow, a sound scrubbing of

soap and hot water, a quick rinse and good rub down. “But first let us free you of the Suit of Sand”, It was cut and the sand drained away. Surprisingly his body reacted uncontrollably by straining forward almost knocking him off balance. He looked at the pile of sand on the floor, there was more than 7 kilos of sand, more like 10.

“Not to worry, you have lost 16 kilos of sand and over 19 kilos of extra weight” The Marquis confided, “Had to get you into shape quickly youngster, for it has been eight years since we had Questors in the Sentinel”

“All will wear the suit of sand?” de Rochefort asked and the Marquis replied “No, only you, you lucky lad!”

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