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Sunday, 18 December 2005
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“After fittings for your sand suit and the resultant donning of same, a brief tour of the Sentinel and a well earned sleep, You awake at 6 of the morning and have a good meal to break your fast of sleeping. You begin with some exercises to warm your blood and then off you go to run 3 kilometers, study with Parsifal and practice thy martial skills, then a good supper and more studying and to bed by 9 of the clock.” He paused, noting the poleaxed look on the young knight’s face “This is for the first ten days only.”

“Just what is a sand suit?” asked the young knight. Again the Marquis was a font of information. “Something I learned of during the Storm of Chaos from a dying beastman, ‘Tis a suit filled with 7 kilos of fine sand. It is sewn to allow freedom of movement and should thy training cause a rip in one of the triple stitched seams it will be repaired before any training continues.”

“Why?” and for the first time the Marquis made a terse reply “Because you need it and it is a part of your training.” Young de Rochefort bowed.

The first ten days were grueling and he oft fell onto his cot and was asleep quickly. He did not complain to the Marquis, nor to his instructors’ However the cramps in his muscles offered complaints aplenty. The mornings came much too early, but he stayed with his program of training and when a rip was detected along three seams, he walked into the seamstress room and had the repairs made without telling anyone.

By the end of the second week he had begun to smell badly. The screaming cramps continued, sometimes causing him to leap from his bed in agony and then walking about his room to be rid of them. There were benefits. He looked forward to his times of study with Sir Parcifal. That Grail Knight knew more than anyone he had ever met. His specialty was battle medicines and tactics.

On Day 24, more rips were discovered and repaired, He had gained time in his running, so the Marquis ordered him into full armor and reduced his running to 2 kilometers only

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