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Sunday, 18 December 2005
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How to forge good steel
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Dwarves use magic and the dust of white granite to forge their steel and the smiths of Bretonnia have refined smelting to a fine art whilst the smiths of Cathay fold the metal upon itself.

But what if the steel is flesh and blood and very young?

A questing Knight at 17 years of age.

While at tournament, the Marquis had been approached by a young knight, Jacques de Rochfort, son of Sir Etien de Rochfort. The young knight announced that he had recently begun his Quest to find the Grail and as the Marquis stood there, stunned at the information, provided proof of what he had said. The Marquis smiled broadly, invited the young knight to dinner that evening and sent Etien de Rochfort a quick letter.

Over dinner that evening Young Jacques de Rochfort learned that the Marquis d’Ascoyne, gregarious to a fault, was the very spirit of hospitality. Lady d’Ascoyne was a fine woman of Bretonnia and the only daughter of Baron Borvil. The Marquis’ oldest daughter was with her consort, the elf warrior Taurengataur and that Cobina Stryker was a force to be reckoned with.

For the youngest daughter of the d’Ascoynes engaged him in conversation at every turn and had opinions on everything. As Cobina paused to take breath, Lady Donda Bromeliad Gandolfyn smiled to intercede on his behalf with a terse “Fair Cobina cease the assault on our guest! I do not want him to change his mind about coming to the Tract.”

And he came to the tract. Upon his arrival his weaponry, tabard, surcoat and all many of previous identity were taken from him, washed and cleaned, then meticulously and put away. He was provided a small sparse apartment and met with the Marquis the morning after arriving.

The Marquis made no inquiry, but provided explanations aplenty. “Thy personal effects have been cleansed and stored. Whilst thou art in service to the Sentinel ye shall wear the colors befitting your Rank. In this way you gain more humility, for Pride is the enemy of all good Bretonnian Knights. I have spoken to the staff of training officers and old Parsifal, Mentor to both Questing Knights and Knights of the Grail stepped up and volunteered his services for the first month or so of thy training.

“Training?” asked young de Rochfort and the Marquis nodded. “We have much to do to you.” The words hung in the air and surrounded Jacques de Rochfort like birds of carrion.

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