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Friday, 02 December 2005
The fog in the forest thinned out visibly as Graf Etienne de Valois rode with his small armed force trough the forest. The Knight had selected his troops from still very inexperienced and young combatants from his shire to lead them on the battlefield for the first time. Now thus 10 knights errant, led by a champion and de Valois Standardbearer Derec rode behind him. Further marched in the column 22 lansquenets with halberds which were led by Hugh de Renault a long-standing friend and comrade in army of de Valois. Finally still a unit of 10 archers was in the small army.

On the edge of the wood on a rise the Breton Graf gave the order to hold. He opened up the visor of his helmet and his men could see a small grin in his face. He had found exactly what the small Breton combat patrol had already searched for a few days on the edge Bretonias for. By a short sign the Graf got the leaders of the units to himself to clear the position and tactics for the battle following probably now. As the leaders again with their troops, the army were prepared for the fight. De Valois saw in the faces of some of his young and inexperienced combatants some fear and uncertainty, before which what should follow now. He himself had already fought many battles and tried to calm the minds of the young warriors. When he saw that the men were prepared for the battle, he gave the order to leave the wood and to go on the hill of the great plain into position. Some of the young warriors probably had now, nevertheless, some fear, others, however, could hardly expect the battle, the Graf noted as they looked from the hill down on the plain. Armed forces of the Empire and an army of the dwarfs are surounded by 2 Orkarmies and in trouble. The Graf and his knights get off their horses and the whole Breton army kneeled to on the ground to pray for the blessing of the Lady of the Lake.

The Orkarmies, however, also the armed forces of the Empire and the Dwarfs saw astonished up to the hill in front of the wood, where they see the Breton army. Behind the tops of a tree the first sunrays came out, actually, too early for this season the troops of the Orks, the Dwarfs and the Empire imagined. Also the fog which else ordinarily remained some hours in the valley disappeared visibly. Here lies something strange in the air especially the Gunners of the opposing warmachines noted. Meanwhile the Breton army had proceeded again on their horses and now moved on in direction of the Orkarmy which also immediately react and sent a big troop trolls against the Bretons. Barely in range, the archers attacked the trolls, however, could arrange no damage. The arrows bounced off in their armaments and the hard skin as if they would have been fired by a childs hand. De Valois give to his knights now the order to the attack and they gallop with wild fight shouting and ostensibly without fear in the troll unit. The Graf noticed this with satisfaction. He had selected the right knights, because the fear he could still see before the battle in some faces seemed to be faded. Thus the Graf got down to fall the trolls into flank. The halberd bearers stayed behind in some distance to give cover to the archers which attacked meanwhile a small Orkregiment which advanced on the Dwarf's army. A full of hand of Orks was killed in the arrow hail of the protections and the dwarf's general seemed very gladly, because his troops has already very heavy losses in the battle with the Green skins. On other side, however, the Breton Graf was witness in the fight like one knight errant had been defeated after the other of the fighting power of the trolls. Indeed he could kill now also the last of the trolls after a short but heavy fighting. As he looked back he saw a picture of the grief. All of his courageous knights lay dead on the battlefield, merely a few horses had survived this massacre and trotted away. He stayed shortly and while his remaining troops hurried to him he asked the lady, she may take care of the souls the courageous fallen knights. When de Valois had anew ordered his battle rows they marched off to avenge their companions and to destroy the last units of the second Orkarmy.

to be continued...

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