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Saturday, 12 November 2005
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His Last Tournament
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Now all good things must come to an end and the Marquis d'Ascoyne resisted the change of age and its effect on his flesh and bones.   He resisted, but time is the great equalizer and eventually the marquis realized he had no more of himself to give to the tournaments.  

 However when word reached him that some young Bretonnian Knights wanted treasures and rewards and prizes he rose up and entered his Last Tournament.


His Last Tournament

The Marquis d’Ascoyne had arrived two days early. His caravan consisted of four wagons. The first was his personal wagon in the manner of the gypsies, drawn by four strong horses. His wife; the Lady Dianne rode in the wagon beside him. Riding alongside were his two daughters, AndreaLyn and Cobina and an Elf Warrior named Taurengataur,

His presence raised a few eyebrows and dropped a few jaws. For it had been rumored that the Marquis had granted an Elf Warrior permission to court his oldest daughter and now the very proof rode with the d’Ascoyne family. Of course tongues wagged! Gossip flourishes well in the fertile fields of imagination and ignorance, but the Marquis had schooled the man from Athel Loren Well.

Upon arriving he personally oversaw the distribution of food stuffs into the kitchens. Once done he went over to another wagon to check on the delivery of medical supplies, including ointments, salves, powders, bandages and the powder made from the willow trees which acted as a reliever of headaches and something of a controller of pain. He saw Lady Gandolfyn moving a small ornately carved chest from the second wagon. She repulsed his offer to help. “Tis medicine from the Wood Elves for treatment of life threatening wounds, Hercule. It is under my protection.” He left for the third wagon and then on to the fourth wagon. Satisfied with his tour of duties, he went to his tent to take a quick afternoon nap.


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