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For technical and legal reasons, the Round Table of Bretonnia will be in a frozen maintenance mode starting on May 25, 2018. As of now, there will be no new registrations possible. For details, please read the announcement in the forum.

For all inquiries, contact the admin at webmaster@roundtable-bretonnia.org

The 2016 Anniversary Celebrations PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Guillaume le Courageux   
Monday, 10 October 2016

It's that special time of the year again - the days are getting shorter and we're celebrating! As part of our eleventh anniversary, which also coincides with the twentieth anniversary of Bretonnia's introduction to Warhammer, the Round Table will host three new competitions: very short short stories, conversions, and map making. Members may enter one, two, or all three contests. In all competitions, participants have until the end of November 2016 (12:01AM GMT December 1st) to upload their entries.


  • Story submissions will need to be uploaded to the "Literature" section. Choose
    "Anniversary Literature Competition 2016" in the category. You can find the rules at the end of this article.

  • "Make something new, never seen before the End of the Olde Worlde, yet obviously Bretonnian." Conversion photos will need to be uploaded to the Anniversary Painting Competition category of the gallery. Upload up to three pictures of your unique conversion work.It is mandatory to have at least one unpainted picture to assess your conversion skill. One picture may be painted, but we won't judge your painting quality.

  • "Draw out a sketch of your new demense, stronghold, hideout, wherever your Army or Warband ended up after the end of the world". Maps will need to be uploaded to the Anniversary Painting Competition category as well. 

1..If you haven't submitted a story yet, you should ask Guillaume le Courageux or Uther Di Asturien for the clearance to be able to post new articles.
2..Deadline is one minute after midnite.)


This year's theme for all three contests will be "Something New". Going forward in the Age of Sigmar or in some other more amenable gaming realm will require us to either try or create new things. For the story contest, how the theme is interpreted is up to the author, but please note that following the theme is one of the criteria for judging.

If you want other members to proofread the first draft and listen to their opinions in order to build the strongest story, you are free to create a thread to discuss your story in the sub-forum "The Hall of the Bards". Keep in mind though that only submissions to the "Literature" section count and you cannot change it anymore (at least until after the competition).

Also don't forget that you can read last year's story entries in the "Literature" section : have a look into the annual "Anniversary Literature Competition" categories.


Literature Competition Rules

  • Each member can submit at most one submission
  • Your submission must be related to Bretonnia and be set entirely in the Warhammer World.
  • Your submission must be a new one: i.e. you may not have submitted it to the literature section here or on another website in the past. Plagiarism will not be tolerated!
  • The story should be at most 1000 words long
  • Please use a standard font (Times New Roman 12, Calibri 11 or use the default font styles in the Editor when sending in the article), standard interpunction and interlines.
  • It should be a stand-alone short story with no ties to other stories.

Here are the five criteria the Judges will base themselves on to grade your submission:

  • Creativity (20): How creative and fresh was your story? Did it enthral the reader or was it more like a newspaper article? Another damsel-in-distress story or a true ballad of heroism? Does the story have a certain depth or is it a walk from point A to point B?
  • Theme (10): Did you you follow the theme / topic of the competition in your story?
  • Readability (10): How well written was your piece in fact? Was it a smooth read or was the reader's experience hampered by too many interpunctions, degradations and so on?
  • Consistency (10): Does the entire story add up or is the reader lost in the many contradictions? No plotholes or does the character's colour of hair change with every page for example? Is the usage of tenses correct or does the writer change between past and present?
  • Correctness (10): Is the story conform with the rules set out for the competition or did the writer choose his own path at his own risk?



Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 October 2016 )
Discuss (10 posts)
The 2016 Anniversary Celebrations Oct 10 2016 18:30
This thread discusses the Content article: The 2016 Anniversary Celebrations

Exciting times, be sure to join the celebrations!

Following the theme "Something New", these celebrations have been brought to you by our new mods OldBoldKnight and Tertius.
Re:The 2016 Anniversary Celebrations Oct 11 2016 16:02

Let the celebrations begin!
Re:The 2016 Anniversary Celebrations Oct 11 2016 16:34
I'm playing around with scenery. Maybe I'll build up a new castle or something in honour of this!
Re:The 2016 Anniversary Celebrations Oct 12 2016 08:43
I love converting my army. But most of the time its just small stuff. I guess they would not hold against competition. But for honor i will just submit something. Now i have to make up my mind what it will be :-P
Re:The 2016 Anniversary Celebrations Oct 12 2016 09:58
Conversions could be something quite ambitious like:

The Village Idiot on His Battlecow Gertrude

Or something less so, like...

An Alicorn Knight

...but new, somehow.
Re:The 2016 Anniversary Celebrations Oct 12 2016 11:12
Oh ho, this is exciting! I'm very keen on sketching a new domain.

Long live the Round Table and glory to Bretonnia!
Re:The 2016 Anniversary Celebrations Oct 14 2016 18:34
For some reason * cough, new trailer, cough * my first thoughts on a short story revolved around Bretonnia meets Power Rangers. It's Knightin' Time!

But seriously now, I will once more pen a piece for the literature competition and hope to again end up in the top three. I already have a suitable subject in mind. Good luck upon everyone who participates in the celebrations.
Re:The 2016 Anniversary Celebrations Oct 19 2016 19:14
Does the conversion have to be brand new for the contest? I'm pretty chuffed with how my lord turned out, but he's about a year old now.

Re:The 2016 Anniversary Celebrations Oct 19 2016 22:50
Fireymonkeyboy wrote:
Does the conversion have to be brand new for the contest? I'm pretty chuffed with how my lord turned out, but he's about a year old now.



Ideally started after the announcement then finished by the ending date. With a starting image posted somewhere showing the pieces used.
Re:The 2016 Anniversary Celebrations Nov 19 2016 21:01
Hear, hear!

My friends it has been a long journey. In a cold and dark evening of 20 years ago, unaware of the meaning of what was going to happen, I bought the Bretonnian army book. It was meant to be a Christmas gift.

I felt in love with it. A love so strong that still endure after so many years.
So much happened in this time. Studies, life experience, jobs and other games. But my love for this fantasy medieval world inhabited by valiant knights living in tall castles never extinguished.

Obviously I had other interests and other hobbies in these years, but every time I came back to my "first love".
Still today, when I have some spare time, painting a Bretonnian miniature makes me feel again like that teenager of so much time ago.

I have to thank all of you for your great support and I wish to thank some great Lords of the past, like the first who settled the Bretonnian community in the new born internet (yes, there was a time without it):
Earl Cadfael , his name still echoes in these halls.
The list of friends I met in there and here at the Round Table is long, together we shared our passion for this little world, which will survive to any Age to come.

Once I heard a good theory about the Lady of the Lake:
She could have been Ariel, trying to lead the Bretonni toward the good, but after so many centuries the Diety became an indipendent one, a real goddess created by the Knights and Ladies of Bretonnia. Because in Warhammer the people create the gods, and not vice versa.

Well, the same happened to Breonnia: it was once an army created by Nigel Stillman for the GW company. But today is a spirit, a concept, an idea of chivalry in fantasy that will never die.
There are already other companies and fans that are writing ruleset and sculpting models for Bretonnia. We made it what is it and it will endure.

This is a special year my friends.
I "spur" you to take back you collection, expand it and play it. This is the time!
There are too many comments to list them all here. See the forum for the full discussion.

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