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Anniversary upcoming and 600 members! PDF Print
The Round Table News
Wednesday, 06 September 2006

In 2 weeks, at about September 20th, the Round Table of Bretonnia will have its first anniversary. Hard to believe that already a year has passed! At the same time, we have just reached 600 members. Congratulations to all knights and ladies making out this Warhammer-Community such a special one!



Gallery Update PDF Print
The Round Table News
Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Just yesterday the Gallery of the Round Table of Bretonnia was updated, in case you noticed some strange behaviour during that time.

It also looks a bit different now and there are some new features, among these are:

  • Category Images: Each category now displays a random image from that category
  • Watermarks: The images are now watermarked with our URL, to prevent image-theft
  • Auto-resizing: Uploaded images are now automatically resized to the may size of 800 x 800 px, if your original images are larger. The larger pictures will be nevertheless displayed, when clicking the image in detailed view. Now you are especially encouraged to combine multiple images of the same miniature to one larger picture. This can be done with every graphics program.
  • Filenames with special chars: These often caused problems when uploaded. If your image contained country-specific characters, people from other locations had problems viewing them. This is no longer the case. To clean up, we will remove all existing problematic files in the next days, so if you notice some pic of you gone, just upload it again and everything is fine


If you notice any strange behaviour, be sure to report it in this thread in the forums

The Warvault is reborn! PDF Print
Warhammer (general)
Thursday, 27 July 2006

Warvault banner The Warvault Mk II is online! After the crash, the whole project was completely redesigned and re-written. Check out all the new features, Angron and the team really did a great job!

From now on, you can also vote for us again, by using the Warvault banner here, or inthe "Vote for us"-bar at the left.


Along with the rebirth, there will be a Q+A session with Gav Thorpe (GW) and Graham McNeill (Ex-GW)! Until mid-August each member can submit one question, which will then be answered in the session.

We'll collect the questions each in a seperate Forum Thread. Be sure to include:

  • System
  • Army
  • Class (Rules, Fluff, Modelling, Rumours)

Collected questions for Gav Thorpe

Collected questions for Graham McNeill 


Last Updated ( Thursday, 27 July 2006 )
Maintenance Downtime this evening (Monday, 26th July) PDF Print
The Round Table News
Monday, 26 June 2006

There will be a (hopefully short Wink) Downtime of the site for an important security update this evening - so be prepared to be logged out at about 20h European time (morning / noon in America).

 Update done! As always, be sure to report any strange behaviour or bugs at the link below.


Last Updated ( Monday, 26 June 2006 )
The Warhammer Fantasy Intersite Campaign PDF Print
Warhammer (general)
Sunday, 18 June 2006

Thanks to the efforts of langmann, the Admin of Druchii.net, there will be a Warhammer Fantasy campaign this summer, just like the Storm of Chaos last year.


The website at http://www.wfbcampaign.net  is already online and waiting for registrations. To participate, all you need to do is register there.

Our Bretonnian faction, represented by the Round Table of Bretonnia, will definately play at the Light side at the campaign. But besides that, everything concerning Fluff and tactics is still open, and will be created by you, the players. Be sure to read anything concerning that at the campaign site.

We will also re-establish the Bretonnian War Council from last year in a new Board here at the site. If you are interested in organising the War Council during the summer campaign, report at the discussion below. Of course we need anyone participating in the games, forging tactics, and writing fluff!

Enter The War Council...

(only for registered members)


Last Updated ( Thursday, 22 June 2006 )
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