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Update on the Warvault Webring PDF Print
The Round Table News
Sunday, 30 December 2007

textedit_80.pngJust recently the Warvault Webring was updated to a new software. So if you were wondering about that error when using the voting button: it is fixed now.

All statistics and reviews were reset, that means that you need to show your support for the Round Table of Bretonnia anew by clicking the "vote" button regularly (That also applies for the "top listed" webring). You are also encouraged to leave a review there about your favourive Bretonnian website.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 02 January 2008 )
More live-chats at the Warvault! PDF Print
Warhammer (general)
Tuesday, 25 September 2007

There are more interviews at The Warvault coming up.

From Angron (The Warvault):

Warvault is proud to present:
Sunday September 30th at 8:30pm GMT
(9:30pm mainland Europe; 03:30pm US Eastern)

What exactly is Steven Savile's big 'secret project'? What else has the celebrated author of the Von Carstein trilogy got in store for us lucky readers?

Once again, Warvault has, through the many powers of Voodoo and hypnosis, managed to convince a Black Library author to join us in a Live Webchat, held right here. As ever, we won't be thinking up the questions; you will! And you'll be sitting right there as we ask them on your behalf, so you can discuss the answers given with your fellow fans. Cool, or what?

Join us on Sunday the 30th of September around 8:30pm GMT at Warvault's Interview Index and get in on the fun - as ever, please bring your own drinks, snacks, and sacrificial offerings.

Help us spread the word, too! Spam this ad wherever your website wanderings may take you (ask the local law-man first, though).

PS; Just like last time, we will be releasing the details for the next BL author to be interrogated at the end of the interview...


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 26 September 2007 )
The second Anniversary of the Round Table of Bretonnia PDF Print
The Round Table News
Saturday, 15 September 2007

textedit_80.png Our community has had a great time so far and there are exciting times ahead! Roughly two years ago, the Round Table of Bretonnia opened its gates as successor of the famous meeting place Earl Cadfael's Bretonnian Army. As such, expectations in the new site were surely high, and I hope we could meet all. New interactive features like our very own Message Board, user galleries and user-contributes stories made this place unique, and the numbers of registered Knights and Ladies rose every day

Later, when Chateaux Montrefort was under siege and fell, many knights found a new home and refuge here, and The Round Table of Bretonnia surely became the best Bretonnian location out on the net - it would not be possible without the contribution of every single member!

And today, after being online for two years, we have more than 1600 members, with the number increasing daily.

But, enough history, let the celebrations begin! The following month we will all celebrate that anniversary, regularly check this article (quick link at the Jubilee Seal at the top) and the corresponding forum thread for further announcements.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 26 September 2007 )
Warhammer News Collection PDF Print
The Round Table News
Sunday, 02 September 2007

textedit_80.pngThe Round Table of Bretonnia was just extended by a new feature. Many Warhammer sites out there are publishing news, and that in the interoperable standard RSS. Now, an RSS feed you can easily import in your reader software, but you can also collect it online in one place.

That's what we're doing now in the Warhammer News Collection, which you can find in the News section in the main menu at the left. You will find out what's happening in the "outside" Warhammer world, all collected in one place.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 15 September 2007 )
Chat with Graham McNeill at The Warvault PDF Print
Warhammer (general)
Saturday, 25 August 2007

Warvault is proud (once again) to present:


Thursday August 30th at 8:30pm GMT
(9:30pm mainland Europe; 03:30pm US Eastern)

What's next on the cards for the revered Black Library author? What is his next contribution to the Horus Heresy series going to be about? When will Uriel return?

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