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The Background of Bretonnia
Musings on…the priesthoods of Bretonnia, part 5: Gazetteer of the Unified Church of Bretonnia PDF Print
Sunday, 16 February 2014

chat.pngWe are finally approaching the end of this series, and I plan to finish it in style. This article will contain over a heart-stopping 10000 words. I hope you are ready for the strain on your eyes, my lovely audience.


I'm going to do something different here. I'm going to pretend I'm writing chapters on the different faiths in the Unified Church of Bretonnia for WFRP supplemental material, such as the good work of Liber Fanatica. My reasons for that are that I want to fully develop and solidify the concept of the Unified Church. Both to create some background material that could be used in roleplay or tabletop games, and for my own amusement and sense of accomplishment. With each faith I will talk about the structure and organisation of the Bretonnian branch, their relations with the other cults, and write a bit of fluff; something to add flavour to the background of these cults and Bretonnia. Sometimes this will mean that I'll retread or repeat stuff I've already talked about, but I want to be thorough. Where I feel it's necessary to explain or rationalize what I've written down I'll give further arguments in parenthesis for it so as not to spoil the feel I'm going for here.


Last Updated ( Friday, 14 March 2014 )
Musings on…the priesthoods of Bretonnia, part 4: The Unified Church of Bretonnia PDF Print
Monday, 10 February 2014

chat.pngSo far I've speculated on the religious customs and beliefs of the Bretonni before and during the Unification of Bretonnia, and how the various cults reacted to Unification. Now it's time to consider how the cults function after Unification, both in their role as holy figures and advisors to the people of Bretonnia.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 February 2014 )
Musings on…the priesthoods of Bretonnia, part 3: Priests of the Old World Gods during Unification PDF Print
Sunday, 02 February 2014

In the previous two articles I made a rough sketch of what Old World Gods the Bretonni believed in and more importantly how they believed in them. Now we're going to look at how the priests and devotees of these Gods reacted to the events of the Unification of Bretonnia. Let's start by first looking at what these events actually are.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 04 February 2014 )
Musings on…the priesthoods of Bretonnia, part 2: The Classical Gods and the Bretonni PDF Print
Sunday, 26 January 2014

In the previous article I had concluded through obscure sources, logical observation and my own fertile imagination that the four most important Gods of the Bretonni would be the four main Elder Gods. The remaining deities in the Old World pantheon are the four main Classical Gods; Morr, his wife Verena and their two daughters Myrmiddia and Shallya. Also Ranald, but I'll discuss him later on.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 04 February 2014 )
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