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Bretonnians versus Lizardmen 1000 points PDF Print
Sunday, 02 August 2009

My Army:

Sir William: Barded Warhorse, Lance, Shield, Morning Star, Virtue of theJoust, Cuirass of Fortune

Sir Robb: Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Impetuous, Banner of the Lady

7 Knights Errant with full command and the Errantry Banner

7 Knights of the Realm with full command and the Conqueror's Tapestry

6 Knights of the Realm with full command and the War Banner

5 Mounted Yeomen


His Army:

Saurus Oldblood: unsure of equipment, but seemed to be hand-weapon shield

10 skirmished skinks with blowpipes

10 skirmished skinks with blowpipes

~20 Saurus Warriors with full command and spears


3 Terradon Riders



There was a forest in the far left corner of the table. Hills extended fromthat forest to my deployment zone. In the right corner of my deployment zone Ihad a hill and a larger hill was about 12" from my deployment zone on theright side of the field. The effect was there was a valley between the hills oneither side of the board.


I deployed my 7 Knights of the Realm in the lance formation directly to theright of the hills on the left side of the field. My  mounted yeomen wentto the right of the knights. To the right of the mounted yeomen went my 6Knights of the Realm. I put my Knights Errant behind the Mounted Yeomen toprevent them from being forced into a charge. Sir William joined the KnightsErrants while Sir Robb led the 7 Knights of the Realm.

My opponent deployed his skink units in the forest.  His SaurusWarriors deployed to the right of the forest (from my perspective) with hisstegadon right next to them, just barely on the left side of the hill. Hedeployed his terradons behind the hill. The Oldblood joined the SaurusWarriors. 

Turn 1:

I prayed, so my opponent took the first turn. He moved his skinks onto thefirst of the two hills next to the forest. He moved his Stegadon and SaurusWarriors up a little bit. His terradon riders moved around the hill so thatthey were on my right flanks. He shot the stegadon's great bow at my unit of 6Knights of the Realm and missed.

I moved my Mounted Yeomen out and to the right so that they were 13"from the terradons. I moved all of my knight units up a little bit, but madesure to stay out of my opponent's charge range. My Mounted Yeomen fired at theterradons and did one wound.

Turn 2:

The terradons charged the mounted yeomen. I chose stand and shoot and caused2 wounds which panicked the terradons who proceeded to run off the board. The skinks moved onto the closer of the two hills. Wanting revenge forkilling his terradons, my opponent shot his great bow  into the flank ofmy mounted yeomen. He killed 3 yeomen and they panicked and fled 4". Hisskinks shot at my http://www.roundtable-bretonnia.org/mambots/content/rd_glossarybot/info.gifBSB'sunit, but failed to kill a knight.

My unit of 6 Knights of the Realm charged his Saurus unit and were joined bymy BSB's unit. My Knights Errant charged the stegadon. The effect was that my 6Knights of the Realm crossed in front of the Knights Errant before thoseknights charged. My Mounted Yeomen managed to rally with two 3's. In combat, mygeneral wounded the stegadon twice. My Knights Errant got their customary 2hits and caused an additional wound to the oversized dinosaur. The stegadonattacked and killed two knights. The skinks on top also managed to kill aknight. I won combat and he stayed on his stubborn leadership 6. My BSB andunit champion directed their attacks against the Oldblood but couldn't woundhim. My other knights and horses attacked the Saurus Warriors and killed 5 ofthem. His Oldblood attacked my BSB, hit me twice, and wounded me twice. Imanaged to save one wound and keep Sir Robb alive. Apparently it was too coldfor the rest of the Saurus though, because they failed to kill a single knight!He lost combat and rolled an 11. My knights proceeded to run down the remainingsaurus.

Turn 3:

I technically won here, because my opponent tried to concede, but Iconvinced him that he should try playing on. He moved his skink units closer tomy BSB's unit. They shot at the knights and killed a knight. In combat, wefailed to wound each other and I won on static combat resolution but hiscold-blooded leadership pulled through yet again. 

I turned my BSB's unit to face the skink threat and turned the unit of 6Knights of the Realm to face the rear of the stegadon. I left my yeomen wherethey were and shot at the closest skink unit. I managed to kill one of thelittle guys. In combat, I wounded the stegadon again with my general for agrand total of 4 out of 5 wounds necessary. My knights and horses failed to doanything. His stegadon killed two more knights and I failed my break check. TheKnights along with Sir William fled and were caught by the rampaging dinosaur.

Turn 4:

My opponent left his units where they were. He had the skinks on thestegadon throw javelins at the mounted yeomen and dealt a wound, but the 6+armor save from being mounted payed off and saved a yeomen from death. Hisskink units shot at my BSB's unit and killed another knight. 

I charged the first unit of skinks with my BSB's unit. I moved the unit of 6Knights of the Realm closer to the stegadon and moved the Mounted Yeomen to thestegadon's flank. I massacred the skink unit and pursued the survivors,catching them. 

Turn 5:

My opponent shot his remaining skinks at my BSB's unit and failed to cause awound. His skinks atop the stegadon threw javelins at my yeomen which failed tohave any effect.

I charged the stegadon with my 6 Knights of the Realm in the rear and mymounted yeomen in the flank. I was quite proud that the leadership 6 yeomen hadpassed their second leadership test this game! My BSB left the knights of therealm, went past the skink unit which was directly to the right of his formerunit (my perspective)  and turned to face them. The Knights also turned toface the skinks, so that I would be able to charge the skinks with either myBSB or my Knights of the Realm.  In combat, my Knights of the Realm killedthe stegadon and my  Mounted Yeomen overran and stopped right next to theskink unit! 

Turn 6:

My opponent shot at the mounted yeomen and wiped them off the board.

I charged the skink unit with both my BSB and his former unit. I killed 8 ofthe 9 skinks. His remaining skink failed to wound my BSB and fled. My knightsran him down.


Overall, it was a very good game, and I killed my first stegadon since thenew edition. I didn't calculate the points, but I know that I achieved amassacre because I only lost Sir William, my Mounted Yeomen, and my KnightsErrant. I killed his entire army and captured the Saurus unit's standard withthe Conqueror's tapestry.  



Last Updated ( Sunday, 02 August 2009 )
vs. Tomb Kings - 1225pts PDF Print
Saturday, 27 December 2008
"Lady Isabelle, I've assembled my host and I'm staring at the sea. What am I suppose to be seeing?" asked Sir Didymus as he turned to his court advisor.

In a matter of fact voice, Lady Isabelle gave her reply. "The tide has ebbed to such a point that the land now sees the sky. Have you not noticed that all around is wet, yet there is a strange cloud of dust in the distance?"

Sir Bardun, shifting in his saddle while re-adjusting his grip on the host's battle standard, muttered to Sir Didymus, "The lady is right. It's almost as a troop is disturbing a desert sand. But this is the shore of the Great Ocean."
Last Updated ( Monday, 05 January 2009 )
vs. Dwarvs - 500pts PDF Print
Saturday, 27 December 2008
     Sir Beregund sat upon his faithful warhorse Longshadow. He turned to Sir Lunac, holding the battle standard high for all the rest to see. "And you said there would be nothing of interest on this side of the border." Sir Lunac did not say a word; the only response was the pawing of his steed.
Last Updated ( Monday, 05 January 2009 )
Dwarfs vs Bretonnians 3500 pts (Some fluff) PDF Print
Monday, 22 December 2008




Antoine de Carcasonne: lord, horse, grail vow, grail shield, sword of the lady's champion, confidence 269

Pascal le Rouge: lord, hippogryph, ideal, gromril greathelm, morning star of fracasse, questing vow 412

Guillome de Pravel: bsb, horse, banner of the lady, discipline, questing vow 197

Dartanian le Dur: paladin, horse, questing vow, enchanted shield, sword of heroes 127

 Francois du Cour: paladin, horse, duty, lance, shield, sword of might 130

9 KE, full command, errantry banner 221

9 KE, full command 201

6 KotR, full command, warbanner 193

6 KotR, full command, twilight banner 193

6 KotR, full command, banner of chalons 178

6 KotR, full command 168

6 KotR, full command 168

30 skirmishing archers 210

9 questing knights, full command, defense banner 309

4 pegasus knights, full command 250

3 trebuchets 270


Dwarfs (not all details included here...):

DwarfLord: shield, great weapon, shield bearers

DwarfLord: shield, great weapon, oathstone

Thane, BSB



 28 Warriors full command shield

20 longbeards full command shields 

20 longbeards full command shields 

10 thunderers

10 thunderers


10 miners full command

20 hammers full command

20 hammers full command

2x cannons


Flame cannon

Organ gun


Map Key:

1) Hamerers with Dwarflord on shield bearers

 2) Longbeards with Thane BSB

3) Warriors

4) Longbeards

5) Hamerers with Dwarflord on oathstone

6) organ gun

7) flame cannon

8) cannon

9) cannon

10) thunderers

11) thunderers

12) miners


A) KotR

B)KotR with banner of chalons

C) archers

D)pegasus knights

E) KE with Antoine

F) KotR with the twilight banner

G)Questing knights with Guillome and Dartanian

H)KE with errantry banner

I) KotR with warbanner

J)KotR with Francois

K) trebuchets

L) Pascal le Rouge on his trusty mount Mouffet


Map of deployment:














Turn 1: As his knights were re-mounting from having knelt to pray to the Lady for the strength to crush their enemies, and the do her will Antoine surveyed his enemies. He saw many guns being deployed on his left, and cursed the Dwarfs for their dishonorable ways. He could also see their general being born by two shield bearers, and he could hear the dwarfs voice over the neighing of his knights restless horses and the thunder of marching feet, shouting orders to his warriors and standing tall. Antoine could tell that this was no ordinary dwarf. He made the decision to take care of this heathen himself.

As he mounted his own mount he began told his best friend and companion of many campaigns ,Pascal le Rouge, to form up on the right flank while he would hold the front line until Pascal meets him in the middle.  

Antoine's knights had barely formed up when the dwarfs loosed their first volley of dishonorable weapons. He watched with horror as a jet of liquid fire arched into his knights on his left flank, and watched in even greater disdain as the survivors ran from the battle field like cowards. He would remember their names.

As he turned his head around to see what else was happening a errant knight of his own unit screamed in fear and bravery as he bodily lept from his horse to block a cannon ball from hitting Antoine. This sort of bravery and foolishness was the greatest advantage of the errant knights, and their greatest weakness as this poor soul finds out while his breath is torn from him. Antoine watches him die as another cannon ball smashes the man directly behind him. The dwarfs would pay for this cowardice!

He orders the advance of his troops, and begins to position them for the charge.

He notices that Francois' trebuchets miss their targets completely and once again wonders why anyone would prefer a missile to a good lance. He hears the order to loose a volley of arrows from the forest and watches as one of the dwarflord’s bodyguard falls with an arrow protruding from his helmet.  

Map of turn 1:
















 Turn 2: Antoine watches the dwarfs advance closely to see if the have any hidden units or tricks and sure enough he realizes that the once peaceful farm house is now inhabited by a unit of handgunners. Soon after this realization he watches as some dwarfs with digging tools pop out of the ground on their left flank, and then dig in behind the fence there. Some of the dwarfs adjust their position a little but mostly they are content to hold their well fortified position. They soon reload their war machines and loose another volley. Antoine watches as another unit of his knights falters and runs from the slaughter of the dwarf's guns, but these knights are of tougher stuff and eventually rally and turn to face their enemy once more. The Pegasus knights decided to run with the unit of realm knights but also rallied keeping close to them. Antoine was filled with pride at their courage and steadfast will. The handgunners in the house fired a volley but missed hit knights.

As Antoine sounded the charge he heard the Dwarf lord sound his horn. The sound was one that inspired fear and hesitation in his men and Antoine watched as his entire army faltered and stopped in their tracks. Something had to be done to regain their moral! He ordered his unit of errant knights to charge that Dwarf general. Screaming a challenge the Dwarf had barely enough time to lower his horn before Antoine was upon him. Despite his onslaught Antoine could not land a blow upon his foe. The Dwarfs retaliation was swift and skillful but not enough to wound this battle hardened lord of proud Carcassonne. The rest of the unit was hard in the charge but did very little damage to the dwarfs. They stood fast and hard and stopped the charge in its tracks.

This time the trebuchets fared a bit better as a few chips of stone cut down two hammerers on the right flank.

 Map of turn 2:














Turn 3:

Another volley is heard to be fired by the Dwarfs but this time they cause no damage to the brave knights of Bretonnia. The hand gunners in the house fire a volley at the Pegasus knights. Caught in a cross fire one Pegasus is almost rend limb from limb by the powerful black powdered guns. The knight falls under his steed and does not get up. Enraged by the loss of their comrade the Pegasus knights storm the house stabbing the dwarfs through the windows killing a few. The dwarfs are undaunted however. Meanwhile Antoine has found his match in this short bearded Dwarf lord and he is unsuccessful in wounding his foe. The Dwarf lands a blow on his leg shooting bolts of pain through his body. In a well planned surge the dwarfs try to overpower Antoine and his unit of knights but with a shriek of furry that inspires his men they push forward and remain in the fray (I rolled two ones for my break check!) On the flank Pascal has finally positioned his troops and without ado he sounds the charge and all his knights surge forward the name of the Lady in their cry of battle. Pascal and Francois destroy the unit of miners that had emerged from the ground and using the inertia of their charge they jump the fence looking for more enemies to kill. Dartanian and Guillome charge into the Hammerers. They seem to be formed up around their lord who is standing high a stone. The knights that were coming in for the flank charge find themselves facing the front of a unit, but undaunted they charge in and kill two hammerers. Guillome gets hit hard in the chest but his armour saves him from to much damage and he continues to bear the Lady's banner proudly.

On the left flank the two remaining knights of the realm finally charge the dwarf's war machines but are unable to break them.

The dwarfs surge forward on Antoine again and this time his unit falters and begins to rout, but the clever Dwarf king orders a small charge and Antoine and his knights fall to their doom.

Overcome with grief for the loss of their general the knights that we charging the unit of long beards break and rout, with the long beards hot on the horses tails.


 turn_3.jpgMap of turn 3:













Turn 4:

Looking for a viable target the dwarfs loose their cannons at the archers killing four. Meanwhile the organ gun and the remaining knight are locked in close combat but nary a wound is dealt. The Pegasus knights break the handgunners in the house and overrun them. As the Dwarf lord on the oath stone fights hard more and more of his hammerers are killed. Pascal and Mouffet join the fray and kill 7 hammerers! The stubborn dwarfs won't run however, they would rather die the abandon the flank, and their friends, to destruction.

As the knights that killed the miners last turn try and charge the rear of the long beards they are face with a nearer foe, the cannon crew. Joined by the Pegasus knights they make short work of the crew but the knights errant fighting the long beards must hold on one more turn. Luckily they are strong and have no problem keeping the long beards axes at bay.

Feeling that they would rather die then to run through a unit of peasants in cowardice the knights on the left flank rally and turn to face the long beards once again. 

Map of turn 4:














Turn 5: 

Just as the knights rally and turn to face the long beards they are mercilessly charged and overrun. Seeing the knights being slaughtered the archers flee through the woods, with the dwarf general following close behind.

The dwarfs attempt to fire their war machines but one jams and the other is badly aimed and they do no evil this time. The organ gun is finally overrun by the remaining knight and he moves to attack the next machine.

On the right flank the knights errant finally break the long beards and kill them all in a bloody rout. They soon recover and charge the unit of warriors that has been positioning itself as the new flank for the dwarfs. As the questing knights, Pascal, and the knights of the realm completely destroy the last of the hammerers the Thane decides it’s time to go, but is cut down off his stone. Pascal joins the knight errant charge against the dwarf warriors. They succeed in breaking and overrunning them. Meanwhile the Pegasus knights and Francois with his knights charge the handgunners. Despite the volley of fire the handgunners laid down on the knights they ride through unscathed and easily overrun them and smash into a cannons crew. These are slain and the cannon destroyed, before the Pegasus knights move on to the flame cannon.


Map of turn 5:















Turn 6: As the knights of the right flank ride around the field securing it and planting their banners in the earth to show their victory the Archers are charged and overrun by the Dwarf lord and his hammerers. The flame cannon is destroyed and the day is one, but at a grave cost. Pascal le Rouge dismounts Mouffet and walks to his friend’s body where he was trampled by confused horses and dwarf boots. Looking down on Antoine he sees that he still draws breath! Perhaps he will be able to fight another day. As the sun sets on this bloody field Pascal whispers in Antoine's ear, "This field is ours my lord, rest easy your people are same."

Antoine smiled and fell into a deep sleep.

Map of turn 6: turn_6.jpg














map of the end of the battle:

















Battle results:


3 table quarters

3 banners captured

2191 pts of killed enemies

total: 2791



2 banners captured

general slain

1155 pts of enemies killed

total: 1455


Bretonnian Victory!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 11 January 2009 )
The Day of Sir Vilem PDF Print
Saturday, 03 May 2008

My First Ever Battle

(400 pts vs. Druchii, Warband rules)


Last Updated ( Thursday, 08 May 2008 )
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