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AREA51 (ruud)
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5 years ago
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AREA51 (ruud)






Last 15 Forum Posts
2015-06-29 23:14:09Re:Preparing to ETCThe Mustering Ground 551
2015-03-21 14:43:29Re:Filthy Peasants List 2.5kThe Mustering Ground 1469
2015-03-03 09:41:49Re:Virtue of the Impetuous Knight and character on Royal PegasusThe Magistrates' Bench1630
2015-03-02 10:04:50Re:2.5k Grail DeathstarThe Mustering Ground 2115
2015-02-23 17:35:18Re:augment spell on cavalry modelThe Magistrates' Bench742
2015-02-21 14:21:46augment spell on cavalry modelThe Magistrates' Bench742
2015-01-19 22:35:12Re:50% Lords/Heroes fun list - 2400ptThe Mustering Ground 1407
2015-01-19 22:01:53double "character wall"The Mustering Ground 620
2015-01-19 19:07:42Re:50% Lords/Heroes fun list - 2400ptThe Mustering Ground 1407
2014-10-05 01:13:13Re:Army Builder Paladin Option ErrorThe Magistrates' Bench912
2014-08-30 20:57:06Re:Blessing vs attacks with no strengthThe Magistrates' Bench2075
2014-08-22 13:41:07Re:Full Character Wall + Damsel + Savage Beasts on the ChargeThe Magistrates' Bench4225
2014-07-24 18:11:38Re:The Fey Enchantress, big enough for two?The Magistrates' Bench2493
2014-07-24 16:14:19Re:Magic in combatThe Magistrates' Bench1752
2014-07-18 10:35:51Re:2,500 Savage Beasts or BustThe Mustering Ground 1056


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