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Gastion le vaillant (Dave) Profile Page
Gastion le vaillant (Dave)
Forum Ranking Guardian of the Grail
7 years ago
16 days ago
8 months ago

Contact Info

Gastion le vaillant (Dave)


Music Teacher


United States
New York


Small forces of High Elves, Empire, Dwarves, Wood Elves, Lizardmen, Undead, and Greenskins
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines (Ultramarines, Dark Angels), Kings of War, Zombicide


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Total number of awards: 4

AwardDate awardedReason for Award
writing_comp13.pngThe Golden Brush 2013 28. February 20143rd place in the Anniversary Literature Competition 2013
brushgold.pngThe Order of the Purple Brush in gold 22. January 2014For contributing to the Round Table with his exceptional artistic skills.
chroniclersilver.pngThe Order of the Chroniclers in Silver 26. December 2011
writing_comp10gold.pngThe Golden Brush 2010 14. December 20103rd place in the Anniversary Writing Competition 2010

Information about the Awards


Total number of images: 38
Average rating: 3 (33 votes)

Ruined Grail Chapel
  • Ruined Grail Chapel
  • Category: Terrain
  • Hits: 712
  • Rating: 3,00 (1 Votes)
  • Comments: 2
Gastion de Bravour
  • Gastion de Bravour
  • Category: Dukes and Paladins
  • Hits: 939
  • Rating: 3,00 (8 Votes)
  • Comments: 4
Gastion de Bravour (2)
  • Gastion de Bravour (2)
  • Category: Dukes and Paladins
  • Hits: 595
  • Rating: 3,50 (2 Votes)
  • Comments: 0
Gastion de Bravour (Set)
  • Gastion de Bravour (Set)
  • Category: Dukes and Paladins
  • Hits: 704
  • Rating: 4,00 (1 Votes)
  • Comments: 0
Macis Tyrelle (1)
  • Macis Tyrelle (1)
  • Category: Dukes and Paladins
  • Hits: 483
  • Rating: 3,75 (4 Votes)
  • Comments: 0
Macis Tyrelle (2)
Macis Tyrelle (3)
Josquin, Marquis de Bravour (1)
  • Josquin, Marquis de Bravour (1)
  • Category: Dukes and Paladins
  • Hits: 544
  • Rating: 3,67 (3 Votes)
  • Comments: 0
Josquin de Bravour (2)
  • Josquin de Bravour (2)
  • Category: Dukes and Paladins
  • Hits: 360
  • Rating: 3,00 (1 Votes)
  • Comments: 0
Josquin de Bravour (4)
  • Josquin de Bravour (4)
  • Category: Dukes and Paladins
  • Hits: 534
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Comments: 0
Josquin de Bravour (3)
  • Josquin de Bravour (3)
  • Category: Dukes and Paladins
  • Hits: 366
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Comments: 0
Chilfroy, Duke of Artois
  • Chilfroy, Duke of Artois
  • Category: Dukes and Paladins
  • Hits: 450
  • Rating: 4,25 (4 Votes)
  • Comments: 2
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Gallery Comments

Total number of comments: 17

2013-12-14 15:57:25New BergeracCommonersWow, this unit is so full of personality! From the fantastic facial details to the wonderful highl...
2013-12-14 15:49:10Tristan le TrobadourSpecial CharactersAs I\'m not rating other competition entries, I just wanted to say this is an exceptional work ...
2013-12-14 15:44:48the rebellion has begun!!CommonersReally solid, reliable work! The metals and leathers are well washed and highlighted, and flash to...
2013-12-14 15:41:42Chilfroy, Duke of ArtoisDukes and PaladinsI know this might be an odd and time consuming request, but would those who rate my entry be able t...
2013-12-14 15:39:00Peasant Ogre CommonersReally great conversion work, especially that killer shield! The flesh tones are excellent, and you ...
2013-12-14 15:34:09Peasant KnightDukes and PaladinsI never knew how people rated these things. It often seems that the photo itself is what\'s bei...
2013-12-12 22:26:47Peasant KnightDukes and PaladinsAwesome stuff, Legend! I love the NMM work and the shading/highlighting on his face. Solid work wi...
2010-11-13 05:42:02Break their heart!Dukes and PaladinsYou don\'t even need a close-up for it to be obvious how much time and patience went into the c...
2010-11-13 05:38:50LouenSpecial CharactersI absolutely adore the old King Louen model. Your bright colors are so natural and even, and you de...
2010-11-13 05:32:47Fay and the Green Knight 1Special CharactersThe Green Knight is the Green Knight model with the sword of either Mannfred or Vlad Von Carstein, r...
2010-11-12 22:43:07Damsel de ArabyEnchantresses of the LadyReally beautiful. It almost looks as if she\'s been fired in a kiln. Your blending is so seam...
2010-11-12 22:38:45The Lady BrienneEnchantresses of the LadyReally gorgeous piece. She looks radiant in red!
2010-11-12 22:37:57Graal KnightGrail KnightsReally, really beautiful conversion work and painting! The golden armor is exquisite, and your free...
2010-11-12 22:24:34Knights Of The RealmKnights of the RealmReally nice painting and highlighting! I especially like how your transfers are seamlessly blended ...
2010-11-12 22:22:29piétaille armée de projectilesArchersVery smooth, clean painting. I especially like your smouldering brazier coals! Great job!

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