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LORD ROTH (Bob Sherlock) Profile Page
LORD  ROTH (Bob Sherlock)
Forum Ranking Guardian of the Grail
8 years ago
39 days ago
2 years ago

Contact Info

LORD ROTH (Bob Sherlock)


monumental sculptor


United Kingdom




Last 15 Forum Posts
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2014-12-08 21:00:40Inciteful Rebirth6753 / 15
2013-12-10 20:24:17So It Begins8949 / 18
2012-12-10 15:13:28A Fools Errant5702 / 2
2011-11-15 19:51:00An Ignoble End2787 / 2
2011-08-14 23:41:35Questing Chronicles. V Reprieve8521 / 2
2011-08-14 23:26:23Questing Chronicles. IV Endgame1312 / 1
2011-07-19 16:18:51Questing Chronicles. III1731 / 1
2011-07-01 23:41:07Questing Chronicles. II1591 / 2
2011-06-15 21:37:57Questing Chronicles. I3278 / 4
2010-11-06 22:49:32A Furry Tale1394 / 1


Total number of awards: 6

AwardDate awardedReason for Award
writing_comp14.pngThe Golden Brush 2014 18. January 20152nd place in the Anniversary Literature Competition 2014
writing_comp13.pngThe Golden Brush 2013 28. February 20141st place in the Anniversary Literature Competition 2013
writing_comp12gold.pngThe Golden Brush 2012 01. February 20131st place in the Anniversary Writing Competition 2012
writing_comp11gold.pngThe Golden Brush 2011 03. January 20122nd place in the Anniversary Writing Competition 2011
storygold.pngThe Order of the Storytellers in gold 26. December 2011For showing exceptional skill at telling stories.
silverlance.pngThe Order of the Silver Lance 13. August 2011For winning the 2011 Mid-Summer Tournament

Information about the Awards

Gallery Comments

Total number of comments: 21

2012-12-25 01:58:38Knight Errant MusicianKnights ErrantBeautiful work there Rollant, ye should be very pleased with such a well painted knight. The colour ...
2012-12-25 01:56:09Questing Knights on crusadeQuesting KnightsA really great looking unit. The standard is very striking and i am loving the red and white cheques...
2012-12-25 01:47:53Knight Errant CavalierKnights ErrantGood looking mini! Nice shading and highlighting going on there.
2011-12-20 16:37:23Tristan le TroubadourSpecial CharactersI love the colour scheme. the conversion work looks good too.
2011-12-20 16:34:08Bertrand the Brigands ArchersArchersReally nice bowmen unit, Bertrand and his cronies really make it.
2011-12-20 16:31:02TancredDukes and PaladinsWonderful work! I like to see lances spiraled.:smile:
2010-11-11 22:16:54Gastion de BravourDukes and PaladinsThe knights shield design is really nice as is his facial features. I agree with Sir Guy\'s co...
2010-11-11 22:12:20Break their heart!Dukes and PaladinsYour model\'s standard is absolutely brilliant and the whole model has a very dramatic feel to ...
2010-11-11 22:08:39LouenSpecial CharactersBrilliant freehand work,and excellent feather texture. Very well done!
2010-11-11 22:06:18Fay and the Green Knight 1Special CharactersHarolde....these are absolutely beautiful pieces.The unicorns colour is so luminous and bright,and t...
2010-11-11 22:01:39Damsel de ArabyEnchantresses of the LadyShe is so striking! Very good work on the facial features and her dresss. Excellent!
2010-11-11 21:59:01The Lady BrienneEnchantresses of the LadyA really good choice for her dress colour.I usually paint her green,but the red is really nice. Ver...
2010-11-11 21:55:25Graal KnightGrail KnightsSuperb work. I cannot praise you enough for this beautiful entry. I adore the fleur d \'ys ad...
2010-11-11 21:51:15Knights Of The RealmKnights of the RealmQuality work APE47. I am a great believer in mixed heraldry knight units...and this is an excellent...
2010-11-11 21:48:09piétaille armée de projectilesArchersLove the colour scheme of the peasant garb.The unit really stands out,and for me has a sort of Necro...

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