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FlailingAxes (Carl)
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FlailingAxes (Carl)
[email protected]


Old World Chronicles


United Kingdom


Vampire Counts (1.5k)
Dwarfs (2k)
Wood Elves (1.5k)
Beasts of Chaos (1k)
Hordes of Chaos (1k)


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Total number of awards: 3

AwardDate awardedReason for Award
writing_comp09gold.pngThe Golden Brush 2009 24. December 20092nd place in the Anniversary Writing Competition 2009
writing_comp08gold.pngThe Golden Brush 2008 22. December 20083rd place in the Anniversary Writing Competition 2008
storygold.pngThe Order of the Storytellers in gold 21. September 2008For showing exceptional skill at telling stories.

Information about the Awards

Gallery Comments

Total number of comments: 5

2008-12-26 13:33:34my first M@A commandMen At ArmsAnd seriously, do something with the skin, please, it looks FAR too bright.
2008-12-26 13:31:52my first M@A commandMen At ArmsOh, and if you can\'t do freehand then learn :wink:
2008-12-26 13:30:22my first M@A commandMen At ArmsI think you need to do something on that shield. If your freehand is good, then have a go at paintin...
2008-12-24 10:09:28my first M@A commandMen At ArmsOooh, front view now. Same things as before apply, do something with the flesh. Aso, give that brown...
2008-12-24 10:07:07my first M@A commandMen At ArmsI\'m liking the banner, could perhaps use some touching up on some parts, but it looks like it\...

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