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The Musing Minstrel (Niels van Beelen) Profile Page
The Musing Minstrel (Niels van Beelen)
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The Musing Minstrel (Niels van Beelen)






Miniatures for virtually every army under the sun, however very little of it built and painted.


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Total number of awards: 4

AwardDate awardedReason for Award
writing_comp161.pngThe Golden Brush 2016 09. March 20181st place in the Anniversary Literature Competition 2016
writing_comp15.pngThe Golden Brush 2015 04. February 20161st place in the Anniversary Literature Competition 2015
writing_comp14.pngThe Golden Brush 2014 18. January 20153rd place in the Anniversary Literature Competition 2014
chroniclergold.pngThe Order of the Chroniclers in Gold 01. January 2015For continuously contributing exceptional background articles

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Gallery Comments

Total number of comments: 4

2015-11-29 10:27:38Questing Knight & houndDukes and PaladinsIf I could, I would give you bonus points for the fleur-de-lis on the dog.
2015-11-28 12:12:10Bretonnian LordDukes and PaladinsGood work with the fine details.
2015-11-28 12:06:00The Spirit of BretonniaBretonniaI get to see far too few Bretonnian dioramas. Keep up the good work.
2015-11-28 11:56:46Questing knight Standard bearer 01Questing KnightsThe banner looks superb.

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